How To Save A Life



You look at the person you’ve wanted to meet with so badly, and you still find it hard to believe because she’s right in front of you. So close that if you lean in a little bit, extending your arm you would be touching her. You inhale long and hard trying to engrave the strawberry fragrance you missed so much, that never fails to bring back flashes of your childhood. It makes your head dizzy and your skin prickles.

When you open your eyes again you find her shifting uncomfortably on the couch and you finally remember why you’re both here.

The silence in the room is so eerie that it sends a chill down your spine. But you figure it’s still better than the awkwardness there was between you two when she left almost a year ago.
And you begin to wonder if she isn’t here because she pities you a bit, after all, seeing how your last SNS posts were all captioned with questionable quotes from indie songs, all as depressive as the dozen pictures of rain and diverse shots taken in between your four walls– none of which were tagged of course– because, you just couldn’t bring yourself to go out when the sun was shining so bright. Or when the sky was anything but very clouded and grey.
You couldn’t help it, it was what fitted best with the mood you’ve been carrying since–




She briefly clears her throat– probably as stuffed as yours, except, yours is most probably swollen as well. Charged with a boulder of guilt, and fear, and blame…

So you gather the last bit of courage you can find and tell yourself that it’s just her. She knows how you are. Your best friend of ten years, so it shouldn’t be that hard to talk to her…

First, step one.

“We need to talk.”

Despite the obviousness of the word, you felt like it was a necessary statement, expected.

What was less expected though, was the bluntness of your tone which catches you off guard and you wish you could swallow back the words quickly before she hears them but it’s too late, and you don’t know what to say to push through this awkward phase.

She smiles politely, in an attempt to chase off the anxiety and you know she is just doing so to put both of you at ease. But you choose to keep shut, only staring, even if this cold war affects you just as much and all you wish is for it to be over soon. If only you could say what was on your heart…

The faint vrombing of cars on the highway, coming from the window snaps you back to reality while at the same time, creating a distraction far welcomed. And you find yourself wishing you were riding in one of those cars that would take you far away from the person you wished to see the most and feared at the same time. Because truth was a hard spit to spew (omg seriously) and you’ve never been very honest with yourself, let alone others…




As you try to organize your mind, your lips pursing in contempt, wondering how to begin your eyes starts taking in the living room and all its little puzzle pieces of your childhood that you never really see anymore because you are just so used to seeing them.

The candles you both made, a pink and a blue one with your favourite constellations, (hers Leo and yours Pisces) drawn on the sides. Medium dream catchers hanging on the wall, next to the window. She insisted that you also kept hers after she remembered you telling her about the scary noises going on in the living room at night, when your parents weren’t home– and they rarely were.

The collection wooden boat she helped assembling, your jars of propositions on ‘How to save the World’ and ‘How not to be like Adults’ next to it, the paper fishes on the fridge, the glowing stars on the piano, and the series of framed much happier, younger selves forever sealed in a past time where blame and guilt weren’t defined in their wilted friendship.

The burning feeling came back, pressing behind closed lids, just as fast as the first time.

How did that happen. Why had they drifted so far apart ?

They’d lost themselves somewhere between the secrets left untold and the shameful lies, all had been attempts to salvage what remained of their friendship. The distance too, put between the two in the form of obligations, and priorities, studies… which then became a physical distance, when she had decided to accept that scholarship in America.

And you know all this. But you can’t help but keep asking yourself, hope for another truth… It’s for the same reason, your subconscious never go very far in your line of thoughts because the answer scares you just as much as the prospective of not knowing or being wrong.

So you decide that this elephant in the room must go… and you inhale a deep, long breath…

Your hands are pressed back between your thighs, to stop them from shaking.

Your eyes shift on the digital clock on the shelf, yet again.




Here goes nothing…

“Where did itㅡ Where did we go wrong…?”





There, you said it.



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Friendly – Part 4 “Uncertainties”

Taeyeon spent the rest of her week on automatic mode, physically doing what she was supposed to. But mentally, her mind kept replaying the last conversation she had with Tiffany.


She didn’t know what to make of it.

“Maybe, what ? Is she in a dying relationship or is it possible that she might be interested in someone already…?”

“It’s complicated.”

Taeyeon had winced, hearing this. She had tried to ignore the tug on her heart biting back the remarks burning on her tongue.

The word in itself was elephantine. The convenient expression let no openings for further discussion. It was a close door that one would use on people standing anywhere between acquaintances and strangers. Something one would say to avoid sharing the burden of their problems. Something she had used on her father many times, or on the kids at school asking about her mother. Not on friends.

So, to hear Tiffany use this word on her… it was a brutal wake up call to reality. The figure in front of her flouted, reality soon lost its rigidity, and her whole system felt cold and numb. It suddenly dawned on her that contrary to what she had first believed after befriending Tiffany, she was alone.

The two weeks with Tiffany had almost seemed like a dream but she knew it couldn’t be. She hadn’t dreamt anything but nightmares for a long while now, and the models she invited home did nothing to alleviate her loneliness.

But then what was she ? Tiffany was nothing like those women, whose faces or names she could never remember. Tiffany breathed sunrays and she could make Taeyeon’s heart burst with blooming flowers. She also had a sort of sadness in her eyes that never lasted long enough, something like a drizzling rain softly falling and disappearing as fast as it had come.

Tiffany was like the rainbow cleaving the skies on rainy days when the sun came out.
She was a beautiful dream all to herself. She was attractive, had a heart of gold, hard worker, driven, always investing herself a hundred percent. She was a little butterfly who loved mingling and not even half of the energy she used in nightclub and outings did anything to reduce her beam of light.

And Tiffany also had her quiet times. And it made her understand that even the cheeriest person on earth had worries, emotional struggles. And she had wondered if Tiffany only looked happy to cheer people up… If so then, in Taeyeon’s opinion, Tiffany could well be the most selfless person she had ever crossed path with.

She liked the serious expression on her face, the way her eyes seemed to be on a long roadtrip into the depths of her mind from time to time, and how her arms would cross and form a barrier on her chest. As if to warn people to stay away from her heart.
She liked the duality that was Tiffany, both so strong but also so freaking fragile.
When they talked about serious and unimportant matters of life, how Taeyeon’s love for rainy days could equate Tiffany’s for sunny ones or whether the colour blue was superior to pink.

A buzz from her phone brought her back from her line of thoughts and her eyes landed on the scribbled sheet full of black half crouched numbers and percentages of the document she was studying before her mind went on a getaway.

The blonde groaned, putting the file she had been trying to read for the past ten minutes back on its pile.

Her hand hitched and she felt her jean’s pocket for the reassuring swell of a pack of cigarette.

An old reflex she was supposed to have abandoned months ago, along with her stack of nicotine. After Yuri had successfully made her stop.
At least, the headaches weren’t back, yet…


Tiffany was disappointed. She was waiting for Taeyeon in the lobby at lunch time– she even arrived ten minutes earlier– for their usual planned lunch at the coffee shop across the street. However, when there was still no sight of the blonde, she decided to call her and that’s when she saw two messages Taeyeon had left her.

Taeyeon: Won’t be able to make it to lunch today, don’t wait for me.

Taeyeon: Don’t worry, I’ll have Seolhyun buying me a sandwich at the cafeteria.

She felt a bit disappointed as she had expected to see Taeyeon for lunch. It had been too long since the last time they saw each other. She had thought of the possibility of Taeyeon avoiding her but quickly brushed it off. Now she didn’t know what to think.
She didn’t feel like walking alone all the way to the Corner so she opted for the cafeteria instead. When she was comfortably seated with a salad in front of her, she opened the messaging app and sent her a reply.

Tiffany: Okay, we’ll check on you later… See if you’ve eaten, so you better eat !

Taeyeon: Yeah, eat well too ! 🙂
Taeyeon: Don’t be too bored without me !

1:20: Tsh, you wish ! (=_=)
She smiled at their comfortable banters.
“Maybe I’m only imagining things and Taeyeon is just busy.”

Yeah, it’s probably that.

Reaching a conclusion, the young girl took her fork and started eating.


Later in the evening, Tiffany was printing documents that the editor in chief had asked her for. Near a hundred sketches of summer suits, and dresses for a potential summer special edition of the fashion magazine. It was less boring than what she usually had to do– which was answering the phone and write down appointments of clients and pass down their messages– but her arm was starting to ache from the repetitive task.

“Hey, Tiff !”

She turned around and saw one of her colleagues.

“Ah, Dongtae-sshi,”

She bowed politely to not offend him.

The man, in his late twenties was her sunbae from the logistic department. She didn’t know him very well and only talked to him twice but there were rumors about how the guy was a little perverted and weird, so she had gladly kept her distance from him. Plus it didn’t help that he constantly seemed to be gawking at her when they happened to meet at the cafeteria or during meetings, and honestly she felt creeped out a bit but she tried to hide her discomfort as she engaged in small talk, praying to be finished very soon when she noticed him looking at her chest area…

He started talking about work and his dog and Tiffany immediately tuned him out to concentrate on her task. “Shut up ! Can’t you see I’m not interested in your crap, just go, argh !”
Just then she heard the door opening on another person, but she couldn’t care less who it was because the last sheet had been correctly printed.
“Ugh, finally !”

The man stopped talking as Tiffany quickly grabbed her pile of prints and turned to Dongtae.

“Sorry Dongtae-sshi, but I have a lot of work to do right now, let’s talk later okay,” or never. She added the last part mentally.

But just as she was about to step away, the annoying man blocked her way, an innocent smile on his face.

“Uhm, excuse me I need to go.”

He dismissed her words and just went on rambling.
“So, Tiffany-sshi, I see you like the new coffee place a lot. I saw you there quite a few times with–” He pushed the binoculars up on his nose, in thought. “What was her name again ?”

Tiffany was growing more uncomfortable. She didn’t know how to get the man to go away as he obviously couldn’t take a hint and was starting to panic.A hand went around her waist softly.


“Dongtae-sshi, Tiffany kindly asked you to let her pass didn’t she ?”

Tiffany glanced at her side and was surprised to see Taeyeon.
The latter kept a fake smile plastered on her face but inside she was boiling with anger at the man’s weird interrogation. She kept her eyes on the man until he stepped aside and went past him, her arm still onto Tiffany’s back. She paused at the door and turned around.

“Oh and Dongtae-sshi, kindly mind your own business.”

Taeyeon escorted Tiffany to her office, making sure the girl was okay.

“Are you sure you’re gonna be fine ? You can take the day off if you want, I’ll tell Mr–“

“Taeyeon I’m really okay !” Tiffany was smiling now, because she found the blonde’s worrying really cute. “I’ll be fine, he just gives me the creeps, brr!”

Taeyeon chuckled, completely reassured.

“Yeah, I know ! You’re not the first one complaining but he works well, so father doesn’t have any reason to fire him.” Taeyeon seemed to hesitate, like she wanted to say something else but ended up smiling.

“Anyway, I’ll let you work.”

“Yeah, see you later or tomorrow… ?” The brunette asked hesitantly.

“Tomorrow. I’m going home.” Taeyeon’s smile became larger.

Tiffany’s eyes widened in surprise.”What, but it’s like…” She quickly glanced at her computer, “3pm…!”

“Perks of being the daughter of the boss.” A pout formed itself on Tiffany’s face making Taeyeon erupt in an open laugh showing her teeth.

“I’ll think of you when I’ll be on the beach enjoying my triple scoop of vanilla ice cream !”
Tiffany grunted, glaring at the annoying brat.

“I’ll get my revenge, just wait…” Tiffany muttered as she watched the blonde walking off.

“Bye Fany-ah ! Enjoy your afternoon !”


Taeyeon felt better after the long bath she had just taken. Her muscles were relaxed and fatigue washed over her as she slid herself between her covers.

It was at night in her 33,000 square feet penthouse that she felt the most alone.
She had bought this three-story apartment to escape from her father’s grip. She knew it was nothing but an illusion, her father had men everywhere and he probably already knew about this apartment, just like the nights out with Yuri.

She never really had a choice. From her birth everything has been carefully planned out by her dad, until now, even now as she was juggling between her school work–she had always been taught by tutors engaged by her father– and the work at the company.

And before she realises she’ll found herself sitting at the top of a fashion company instead of singing to the world the dozens of blue-inked sheets of lyrics dripping off with her sorrow, taking dust in the back of her closet along with her guitar.
The sorrow of a child forced to hide herself in a never ending game of hide and seek, between life, her father and her.

She found herself a little less sadder only when she was drowning herself in this mind-numbing amber liquid. Or giving in to the delusional propositions of reassuring pairs of lips, smooth thighs, just to feel a little less alone for a night.

A sickening feeling arose in her gut. She hated herself.

When she asked, Tiffany had dodged her question, labelling it under the name tag “complicated”.

“Why everything always had to be complicated ?” Taeyeon sighed.
She was confused. Was it really love ?
“Aish Taeyeon I thought you already went over this part ?” She cried out slightly pulling her hair.

Because she wouldn’t be able to get her out of her mind. She thought of the meaning of what she felt when she was with Tiffany. Was it because Tiffany was the only girl who didn’t seem to fall for her charms ? She scoffed, “how cliché that would be !”

“No, it can’t be. I’m not this easy… Or am I ? “
Was it because they were like complete opposite ? “Maybe”

She exhaled a long breath and slumped deeper onto her pillow.

It happened so damn fast too she hadn’t had the time to stop it from happening.

She exhaled the ball of sadness in her throat and turned on her side. Was tonight going to be a sleepless night once again ?

The sleeping pills in her bottom drawer suddenly seemed quite appealing, and reaching for the white round little drug was almost too tempting.
She didn’t want to think anymore.

She turned to face the white ceiling and closed her eyes.
A dozen of sighs and two hours later, Taeyeon finally doze off.


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And finally, I wanted to give more insight on Taeyeon’s thinking (next will be Tiffany’s and the meaning of this ‘maybe’ ) I’ll also drop a shot or two (because I haven’t been completely idle during this long absence heh my conscience wouldn’t let me ! X3)

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Drawing Drawing Drawing…Webcomic ?

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Guys… I actually plan on doing a Taeny inspired webcomic ! It will surely be something like a slice-of-life with maybe a little bit of a plot and drama, but mostly random insight on the girls’ life. Because there is a minority of lesbian romance on webtoon and everywhere in general and we need more.

Names of the characters are Erika and Daleah for now (don’t know if I want to use one of Fany’s numerous names yet).

I’ll probably post it either on this site (most probably), either on webtoon (muuuuch later) and a few posts on Instagram.

So that’s it ! It’s not for so soon though, I have to finish all the stories I started first.


Kindly look forward to it, pwease (?)  🙂


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When the Darkness Comes

So this was written in one go…

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“I’ll be here waiting,

Hoping, praying that,

This light will guide you home.

When you’re feeling lost I’ll leave my love,

Hidden in the sun for when the darkness comes.”

Colbie Caillat-When The Darkness Comes

“I’m sorry Taeyeon.”

Once again she’s standing before the broken shell of the only star in her sky. She did that to her. Tiffany Hwang hurt the only person she loved most and needed most on this weird planet earth. But did she have a choice ? She would give her life, her whole damned miserable existence for the beautiful angel sobbing in her arms, leaving traces of meteors in her heart.

But it wasn’t her that held the reins, of her life.

It was her dad.

Her sister Michelle had called her a few days ago, saying that her dad wanted her back home. He was ready to give her the handle of his business in America, the whole of the Hwang Empire and there was nothing Tiffany could say to talk him out of it.

So it was with a heart full of regrets, perforing holes in the whole of her being that she had announced to Taeyeon the necessity of a break up.

Taeyeon was such a lovely soul, made of all the greatest feelings and kindest thoughts ever found in humanity, and the last thing Tiffany wanted was for Taeyeon to wait for her return, especially when she didn’t know if there would ever be one.


She rubbed the wet trails the meteors had left on her lover’s cheeks with her thumbs and cupped her face bringing her rosy lips to hers in a tender, tear-wet kiss.

Taeyeon’s brown suns stared into hers and they were still as warm even in this cold and dark universe where the two of them would no longer be.

All this time she had tried to hold her tears, be strong for the both of them because she was the responsible to Taeyeon’s shattering right now but the image of her tear-stricken face and her tired pleas were too much for her.

She put a last kiss on her cold lips before stepping back.

“Take care Taeyeonnah. Again I’m sorry.”

“No…” Taeyeon replied for the first time since she told her about her imminent departure. “Don’t go, please Tiffany don’t go…” Her arms grabbed onto Tiffany’s, her skin leaving petals everywhere she touched and her resolve almost went out the window.

She reached to Taeyeon and pulled her arms away from her waist leaving a void where the warmth had been, squeezing her eyes shut trying to shut down the older girl’s cries but she knew she wouldn’t be able to wipe out that memory from her brain.

She stepped back once again taking a last glance at the broken girl kneeling on the tiled floor, pools of stardust at her knees reflecting the moonlight of the kitchen glass window.

A taste of salt and copper on her tongue broke her gazing and she winced at the new cut on her lips, passing her tongue on it to stop the bleeding. But the taste made her nauseous so she stopped immediately after.

She stepped on the porch, pulling her bagage in tow, and was about to close the door when Taeyeon called out to her.

“I-I’ll wait for you.” Her voice was feeble but clear and Tiffany heard it perfectly.

Her eyes went back to Tiffany, never wavering.

“I’ll wait for you. I can’t lose you, you’re the only thing that make me look forward to a tomorrow. You taught me so much, you taught me how to love you and myself.”

“And-” Her voice broke and she cleared it a bit. “And I know it won’t be easy, but I’ll hold onto that. I’ll hold onto the only thing I’m absolutely certain of, I-I’ll hold onto our love during the darkest times and Tiffany-”

More tears brimmed at her shimmering, brown suns and Tiffany felt hers pool at the back of her eyes.

“I know you’ll come back to me, I know you. I know you’ll follow what feels right so I’ll wait for you.

The trembling smile on Taeyeon’s face was so beautiful. Tiffany felt her own shaky lips twitch upwards.

The night had never shone so brightly with only one star hung up on its dome.

Lifetimes Of Us- The Last Butterfly I

A/N: Hello again ^^ Here’s something I wrote randomly, it doesn’t have a title yet (suggestions are open) and I do have a story in mind for that one so it will have maybe two more parts (hopefully, I don’t want more because I already have so many [drafty] stories on my hands, and this one was really spontaneous). So yeah, tell me what you think of it (?)
P.S: There is a “smut” scene, very brief. It was my first attempt at writing smut… did I do a good job ?

ㅁㅁㅁ ㅁㅁㅁ ㅁㅁㅁ ㅁㅁㅁ ㅁㅁㅁ ㅁㅁㅁ

9:21 pm

Three minutes left.

She anxiously gazes at her watch, her eyes not looking off of the glowing end of the thin needle. Following every second, meticulously. The round irregular shape of the mortal instruments pressing in her palm. She couldn’t miss the timing, as it would ruin her escape plans possibly making it fail and put her safety at risk. She had predicted everything perfectly, from the negociations to the time it would take to get about in the large building, to the escape… all thoroughly timed on the minute.

She was a pro. Any mistake on her part would not be taken kindly.

Seeing the needle achieve its third row, she immediately puts the fourth part of her plan into action.

With a quick tug at the handle, the blonde took off the only security and threw the bomb as far away as she could, into the empty corridor, the last one on her list not waiting for it to land before taking her departure.

Now it was only a matter of making it to the exit before pressing the command to make it blow up. Crouched in the tiny space she wondered why it was that she was in this soon-to-be swept away laboratory instead of her bed right now.

Why am I always the one chosen for these sort of missions ? Why can’t it be Yuri for once ?

Following the trail she had memorised, she made it halfway in less than what she had predicted.

Now I only have to reach the hangar…


“Taeyeon, you’re back.”

The tired girl not so much as blink at the obvious statement, chosing to ignore the half-worried, half-guilty stare the man sitting on the couch was currently giving her. She didn’t feel like dealing with him right now, only wanting to find the comfort of her bed.

Before that though, she would have to fill her stomach. Discarding her black jumper somewhere in the clutter of bric-a-brac filling the entrance hall and the living room, she makes her way to the kitchen.

Taeyeon hated her life. She dispised being born in the suburb, having to use her skill in computers and electronics, to make a living. Their condition wasn’t as terrible as some of the other villagers, thanks to the goods of mild quality her parents went to sell everyday on the market. But she still wished one day, she would earn enough to buy a ticket for herself and her sister, and she would take her far from this place. They would take the shuttle bus and start a new life in the Capital. Until then she had to survive, one way or another.

An unpleasant stale smell of alcohol invaded her nostrils as soon as she enters the kitchen. She scrunches her nose and goes about grabing whatever falls in her hand, jellies, a leftover of pad thai and her sister’s favourite soda. Seeing the lone can sitting on the shelf makes her stop.

Don’t be a wuss Taeyeon, this monster ate the muffin you reserved for breakfast, the one you bought with your last two dollars and felt absolutely no remorse, telling you when you asked her about it…

Nodding again, as to give a definite ending to the inner debate, she takes the metal can and get out of the room, her gaze merely flying over the shards of broken glass on the tiled floor, and the body knocked unconscious on the dinner table, amongst little packs of white powders.

“…sudden explosion at the H&S building around 9:45 pm, the police and SAMU are as we speak asserting the damages and evacuating mildly and severely injured employees working the night shifts…”

She pauses at the doorway, all her attention directed on the small TV where a journalist was standing in front of the famous company’s building. Or what was left of it.

“…the communal representants are about to meet in a few hours to take a decision on these recurrent attacks on the groups members of the alliance…”

A reunion, and what ? The only thing these old ventripotent politicians were good at was argue, wallow into their wealth and put the blame on each other. Never coming to an agreement on anything, only parading in front of the cameras baring important air on their pig’s faces and acting like they’ve been progressing.

Meanwhile the situation in the suburb wasn’t evolving. People, children included, had been disappearing for a year now. The number of jobless, and poor was increasing, only worsening the number of thefts and crimes. No need to precise that the streets weren’t safe anymore.

And to top it off, more children had been declared missing recently… it had doubled from the usual number in a month and although everyone at the village had been suspecting the research lab for doing experiments on people for years, nobody cared enough to open an official survey of the place. The fat pigs at the government, only focusing on how they could grow their income and generate more money without lifting a finger.

The interruption of the news by the advertisements broke her train of thoughts and reminded her of the empty stomach that had yet to be fed.

Before even opening the door to her room at the far back of the corridor, Taeyeon immediately senses something wrong. Her sister is well in her room, as proved by the heavy sound of the bass, seeping out of the room across the somber corridor.

But someone, friend or foe was waiting for her in her room. Her unusual sight made her guess a young female individual, age between seventeen and twenty something… probably. There was no traces of animosity or other emotions emanating from it. which meant that it was no ordinary woman, only a well-trained person could hide their intentions as effectively as that and it could be none of the stupid individuals she had to share her space with in this house, nor could it be any of the villager living in this town.

Someone of the city ?

Maybe. What could they want her ? Had they discovered anything discriminating… ?

Like people say, attack is always the best way of defense…

So leaving her pad thai, can and delicious jellies on the ground Taeyeon puts her hands on the door handle, mentally entering a calmness and state of mind worthy of all the years of training she’s received.

On the count of 3… 1… 2… and…


The door swings open and her eyes widen at the sight of someone she just really did not wish to see right now.

Light brown hair framing a beautiful face with sparkling eyes and a faint smile on rosy lips, cascaded perfectly down round shoulders and well defined arms, a muscle tee barely doing his job covering a black, lacy bra underneath and another lacy undergarments appearing beneath black shorts.

Although she was merely leaning onto her desk, facing the door, her presence was such that Taeyeon wanted to open the window to breathe. Her chocolate dark brown eyes fixed on her, and the unreadable expression plastered on her face did nothing to alleviate Taeyeon’s discomfort. Far from that.

Time stood still, neither doing anything to break it and silence stretched on for two longer minutes. Two minutes that seemed like hours until finally…

“Hey, did you miss me.” She noticed the definite tone and concluded that it wasn’t really a question but more like a statement. She merely brushed it aside, slightly irritated by the brunette’s behaviour.

“Why do you always break into my room, in case you didn’t know there’s this thing called door and,” she stops to take a deep breath already feeling tired as she wasn’t used to talking. Nobody talked to her in this house, in this village and the only times she really had to open her mouth was when her clients phoned her about her future hacks or when Yuri called her. “Just… what are you doing here ?” The blonde asked, not knowing what to make of her sudden appearance.

Her stomach grumbled, reminding her of the food she had left outside and she went back to fetch it in the corridor, closing the door shut with her foot after stepping into the room.

Her mind noted how the distance between them had considerably reduced, with Tiffany now standing in the middle of her room, her annoying smile now fully back on her stupidly beautiful face.

“Why, not happy to see me ?” She answered, her voice huskier, plenting chills into Taeyeon’s spine.

No. She answered in her mind, but said nothing, as she walked coolly to the desk and sat in her chair, picking a shrimp and swallowing it whole, savoring the taste that lingered in her mouth before digging her fork into another bigger one.

“What do you want ?” She tried again, half wishing that it wasn’t what she thought it was, that Tiffany had in mind.

“You know what I want.”

Hellish heavens, it was exactly that.

“I can’t give you what you want, now if you have nothing else to say then, you know the way out.”

She turns back to her plate, hoping that by ignoring the other person in her room, she would eventually be left alone…

Big mistake. Tiffany doesn’t like to be ignored.

She was soon reminded of that fact when she felt herself being swiveled around abruptly in her chair and had no time to react when the pad thai and fork in her hand got snatched away from her, dismissed onto the desk. And it wasn’t long until the air got sucked out of her lungs a second time by a pair of soft… plump… kissable… peachy lips.

Oh god…

She tries to push her back but the firm hands on her shoulder doesn’t relent and she founds herself giving in to the warm, pleasurable lips of Tiffany’s. Her breath quickens. Her hands start moving as if they had mind of their own, feeling toned arms, her hands descending lower onto Tiffany’s sides and well-defined abs. She can feel them even with her clothes covering them and it turns her on a little more. And despite her reluctance, the familiarity of the scene unfolding and the reward she knew was at the end of the road was way too tempting. Tiffany’s strawberry-peach scented gloss did nothing to help either.

She deepens the kiss and tries to wiggle her way out of her current submissive role.

A biting on her lower lips makes her hiss.

“Don’t move.”

She groans.



Tiffany’s tongue presses on her lips and she welcomes her reluctantly, letting her lick on her lower lips and tugging at it.

Gasps, quick-paced breathings and the sound of their lips locking each other feel her clouded mind.

She feels disoriented, lost.

Lost in the kisses, the lukewarm touches, the knee pressing between her legs, Tiffany’s fruity scent mixed with a faint scent of arousal coming from the both of them.

Something makes its way into the hem of her pants, into her boy shorts and before she can see what it is, a wave of warmth spreads from her lower parts taking her by surprise.

“Ah, T-Tiffa-a…”

The velvet sensation in her lower tummy expands in more waves but everything stops suddenly and she’s about to protest when she’s lifted up, her legs automatically locking onto Tiffany’s waist and her arms around her neck, as the brunette makes her way to her bed.

“I saw what you did today.” She whispers huskily into Taeyeon’s ears, sending chills down her back while lowering her onto the covers.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She laughs softly.

She had no intention of making it an easy task for the other girl, even if she wanted it just as much. “You’re delusionnal.”

She gets back up but Tiffany pushes her back, straddling her, hands firm on her stomach.

“Oh, you don’t ? Well, let me refresh you memory then…”

Taeyeon’s eyes blacken in anticipation and she unconsciously grips the cover.

Tiffany smirks as a hand goes to tug at the blonde’s erect nipple, making her moan loudly. Tiffany’s knee founds its place back against her covered crotch and starts its rotation.

Her mind shifts further and further from reality and soon after, she has lost her clothes and her sanity to Tiffany. Tiffany’s soft member invading her walls, twirling and digging its way inside, leaving her in a moaning mess. She doesn’t refrain her cries, they would be covered by her sister’s loud music anyway and would be lost before they could reach the people downstairs.

And even if it did, they wouldn’t care.

She finally reaches the heavens and Tiffany helps her ride down her high. Several licks after she feels an equally sweaty body laying next to her, arms going to her waist and a leg riding up her thighs, settling there.

Tiffany sighs against her neck and her soft regular breaths soon lulls her into dreamland.


Friendly 3

Never had Taeyeon thought that one day she would be the one asking her father, to replace him at the company, not for a day, but for the whole two weeks since Tiffany started working.

Her father and the employees had been the first to question Taeyeon’s sudden devotion. She had been ambushed at the dinner table more than once, her father interrogating her thoroughly but still managed to subtly escape every single question thrown at her. It was an easy task, having years of experience behind her. Evading those questions was without a doubt, easier than hiding her liking for girls or her slight addiction to games. Although Mr Kim seemed eager to know what had caused the change in his daughter’s attitude, he was thrilled to finally see her taking her job seriously, thus chose not to pry much.

The Monday after her meeting with Tiffany at the coffee shop, she went back to the company, and for the first time in years, she arrived way ahead of time.

The employees who crossed her path in their usual morning rush to get started on the photoshoots, all slowed down, giving her a dumbfounded look.
Even her personal assistant, Seolhyun had to ask her if everything was alright, thinking that there was no way that the Taeyeon who was walking towards her desk with a pretty shy smile on her face, was the Taeyeon she knew. There was a new kind of atmosphere surrounding her, her usually tensed shoulders were slightly pulled back, in a relaxed fashion and Seolhyun thought she was dreaming because the young woman seemed to have a spring in her steps and her feet seemed to be floating slightly upon the ground.

“Good morning, Taeyeon…” She unconsciously ended in a higher tone making it seem like she was asking the other girl rather than just saying it. ‘Well, in a way, I do want to know what makes her hyper as a child who’s going to see Santa, so early in the morning,’ thought her friend having her little idea, as Taeyeon waved back at her and hurried into her office, followed by Seolhyun.

“You seem very happy today, something happened?”
Taeyeon looked at her weirdly, before shrugging right after. “Not really.” She smirk at the words echoed in her mind.

Not really, apart from the fact that her father’s company was welcoming the most beautiful girl she’d ever seen in her entire life. Pretty, sweet, charming Tiffany would be working in the same place as her, and they had now taken a step more towards friendship, becoming acquaintances in addition to being colleagues. And Taeyeon smiled at that thought, because she realized how peculiar it was of her to be acting so out of character. She wasn’t one to be swooning over girls, it was usually the other way around.
In fact, it had been long since she last felt so interested in anyone. Attracted to the point of willingly breaking her rather reclusive lifestyle, and all for the sake of seeing the woman.

They had soon fallen into a routine of meeting at the little coffee shop across the street, to talk about everything and nothing over coffee. In the morning for breakfast, sometimes for coffee break or even after work when they finished earlier.

This morning was no different. Taeyeon had half threw her bag on her desk before heading out of the room again, striding in front of a knowing Seolhyun, who looked at her sweetly when she strutted towards the elevator.

“Have a nice coffee date with Tiffany!” Her words barely went past by the elevator’s door closing on her smiling short friend.

“That kid…”

Seolhyun smiled to herself. It was nice to see Taeyeon this happy, for a change. The girl had suffered too much, trying to deal with her problems alone. As much as she could trick her father, she could never deceive the sharp eyes of her friend. The black haired, then inhaled a big and long breath before exhaling, contented and took a sip of her coffee mug.


Taeyeon stepped through the sliding doors of the company, just in time to see the familiar pink Chevrolet Spark entering the car park.

Tiffany turned off the ignition, gripped the handle of her bag on the passenger seat. She was looking around for her phone when she heard knocks on her side window.
Looking up, she found herself face to face with the smiling short girl.
Taeyeon waved her hand up and down to the other woman who understood and rolled down the window.

The blonde was about to say something but stilled in mid-air, motionless for a short time. Her breath got caught in her throat at the beautiful sight before her. Tiffany was wearing a simple but glamorous outfit, which Taeyeon found all the more appealing that the jean embraced all of Tiffany’s curves graciously. Her basic white top, stopped just upon the waist line of her jean and a checkered shirt completed the look. Her chocolate brown eyes hidden behind large sunglasses, were now squinting in a smile as she took in the soft pink that tinted Taeyeon’s cheeks, upon being caught ogling and by the brunette, nonetheless.

Amused at her awkwardness, she chuckled softly and shot at Taeyeon one of her killer smile, telling her that it was okay and that almost got the blonde frozen again.

“Hi, Taeyeon!”

They dropped the formal version of their names a few days ago, preferring a more intimate calling, showing their friendship.

Taeyeon didn’t react immediately, still suffering the after effect of receiving the dazzling smile. Tiffany took her sunglasses off, throwing a weird look at the other girl and Taeyeon mentally scolded herself for being so easily thrown off. ‘Seriously what are you Taeyeon, a prebuscent teen?’ The short girl berated herself and trying to save the situation, she comically bent an arm over her squinted eyes, directed at the blinding sunny sky.

“Tiffany, do you know what the sun and you have in common today?” Taeyeon paused a few seconds, to add effect to her following lines. “I was blinded simply by looking at you” she added smiling dorkily.


The younger girl suddenly started laughing, bent in two. Her eyes forming perfect lines and her hands clapping. It was the first time Taeyeon heard Tiffany laugh and she couldn’t hold the chuckle that escaped from her lips.
She stood still, like an idiot for the second time in five short minutes, hopeless victim of her newly found c-friend ㅡFriend? Would she want to keep Tiffany as a friend? Honestly, no. And Taeyeon was sure by now, she was totally screwedㅡ at the beauty of the woman, and her heart made a funny jump all of a sudden.

A sign that the girl didn’t want to acknowledge yet, ㅡit was too early for thatㅡ all her senses being directed at the brunette. Finally, Tiffany’s laugh died down a minute later and she wiped a tear off the corner of her eye, turning to Taeyeon’s funny loopsided grin.

“Oh, by the way, morning Tiffany,”

“Good morning Taeyeon. You know, pick up lines don’t work anymore in this day and age… It’s closer to Latin, old and pretty much dead.”

The dorky smile grew bigger at Tiffany’s remark.

“True, but they have their charms and they still work, given that it succeeded in making you smile and laugh!” She said proudly.

Taeyeon moved aside, allowing Tiffany to step out of the car. They stood awkwardly on the deserted parking. Taeyeon thought it was weird how one moment they could be teasing and joking like old friends and the next, be awkward. Just like she was with her exes… Which, she would never let happen anyway. Because if Tiffany was hers she would do anything to make her stay. And once again, Taeyeon felt that her fall was happening way too fast and it felt good in a way. But it was also frightening, because she was falling from high and she was terribly afraid of height. Moreover, what was even more frightening than the fall itself would be the horrible state in which Seolhyun or her friends would have to pick her up after. Mind a mush and her heart, shattered in a thousand puzzle pieces.

There you go Taeyeon, thinking weird things again, and you’ve only known her for two weeks you weirdo!’ She mentally cringed at her state and suddenly felt self-conscious under the burning stare of the brunette facing her. It was a problem for another day, for now…

“Have you had breakfast yet?” Asked Taeyeon, feet shifting.

“Well, not yet. I thought I would grab something at the coffee shop.”

Yes!’ Taeyeon mentally high-fived herself.

“Ah, is that so? Well, it happens that I haven’t either so,” She shifted awkwardly, unable to contain her excitement.

“Care if I join you?”

“Not at all.” The girl smiled at her again, sliding her arm under Taeyeon’s and the latter felt it go numb, like it was not a part of herself anymore, along with small worms wiggling their way in the pit of her stomach. Gosh the effect Tiffany had on her was concerning and Taeyeon began to wonder since when had she become so mushy ? They started walking.

“Ah, I have one condition, though.” Tiffany suddenly spoke.

“Which one ?”

“Breakfast is on me. I can’t possibly let you pay again.”

At every single one of their meetings, Taeyeon had insisted to pay, throwing her massive amount of fortune as an argument despite the brunette disapproval. But this time, Tiffany was determined to pay for the both of them. Taeyeon shakes her head in refusal.

“Nope. I can’t let a junior pay for me, what do I have all this money for then, if not to spend it.” She argues. And Taeyeon couldn’t help but add…

“And don’t tell me it’s a waste because, paying for someone as pretty as you could never be a waste !”

Tiffany’s cheeks tinted in a slight pink. She glanced at Taeyeon to see the latter smirking, a smug look on her face and visibly proud of the reaction her remark had on Tiffany.

“Damn you !” Tiffany cursed loudly and gave a playful slap on the short girl’s arm, who erupted in a hearty laugh.

“Why must you always tease me like this ?”

She waited until Taeyeon calmed herslef.

“Can’t help it, your reactions are priceless.”

Tiffany groaned lightly, in annoyance. They finally arrived at the coffee shop.
Taeyeon held the door for Tiffany and they strode, to the same table. The one with heavy beanbags, next to the large window.

Those meetings were special for Taeyeon because it was the only times of the day where she could have Tiffany to herself, without being disturbed by their colleagues. It was only at their special place, at The Corner that they could really talk.
Or rather, she talked and Tiffany listened. Most of the time.

Taeyeon found the dual personnality weird at first, because the girl was always talking actively with colleagues at the company. She was a social butterfly, who had no trouble making friends, contrarly to Taeyeon. Everyone liked the brunette and she was always asked out for meals or friendly dinners with colleagues.

Tiffany was very kind too. She always enquired about her senior’s well being, or proposing herself to take the group’s coffee orders, all while keeping a smile on her face. Everytime Taeyeon met Tiffany in a corridor, she always greeted her or stopped to talk a little, sometimes asking Taeyeon if she would join her later at The Corner, which would make her heart swell and grin a big smile.

When they met at the coffee shop, it was like a common agreement was made. A pact that set apart the pretense and left room for honesty. A place for sharing the concerns caving crevasses in their hearts and where they both felt like they had to be true to themselves, for their sake and for the sake of the other person listening.

Neither knew exactly why. Taeyeon believed that the coffee shop played a huge part in it, and also because the rest of the weekㅡ scratch that, her whole lifeㅡ had been like being stuck in a whirlpool. She was always caught up in a ‘too much of something’. Too much pressure, too much stress, too much hurt, which left her with not much. Not much space, not much sleep. Not much love.

In a cozy, quiet atmosphere and with the right person, it was then that Taeyeon felt like the weight on her heart was the heaviest. It was then that she just wanted to relieve herself from it the most, as selfish as it may sound. And Tiffany understood, like she knew. The coffee shop was somewhat like a coccoon for the two. A comfortable nest where they would forget that they had just became friends and confide in one another, for a few minutes when they were short on time and for hours whenever they could.

They comfortably sat, in an oddly welcomed silence, until one of them broke itㅡ usually Taeyeon ㅡ and started speaking of everything and nothing at the same time.

They never ran out of topic and it never felt boring. It was odd how in just two weeks they became as close as long time friends, even closer that Taeyeon was with her own friends…

“Tiffany ?”

“Yes ?”

“What did you think of me, the very first time we met ?”

Taeyeon really wanted to know for a reason. The thought that she could’ve left to Tiffany a bad first impression of herself, had started to bother the young woman.

Tiffany placed her coffee down on the table, looking at Taeyeon, the shadow of a smile on her lips.

“What do you mean ?”

Taeyeon let some time pass before answering.

“I mean what was your first impression of me ?

“Why ?”

“Because, I just think I might have given you the wrong impression. I mean, I like to tease you. A lot,”

Tiffany scoffed and leant back on her seat, craddling the cup of latte to her mouth.

“Yeah, I figured…” She said, her eyes sending daggers at the shorter girl. Taeyeon scratched her nape, a sheepish smile on her face.

“Sorry,” Tiffany hummed her husky voice in response, provoking spikes of electricity to run down Taeyeon’s spine.

“But I’m not a player. I don’t… I’m not usually like that, well, not when I’m sober and in a relationship at least… I meanㅡ” Her eyes went big as she realized what she had just said. Her fingers tightly clenching the small cup in her hands.

Tiffany giggled because, frankly it was the first time she saw Taeyeon this embarrassed. She wouldn’t deny not liking it though.

“And are you ?” The shorter girl looked at her, seemingly a little lost.


“Taken ? You said you don’t normally act that way when you are sober or in a relationship. Are you taken ?”

Taeyeon turned her head aside, suddenly shy.

“No.” She suddenly thought of something, brows knitted in a frown and her eyes seaked Tiffany’s again.

“Are you ?” She dreaded the answer and readied herself for disappointment.
Time seemed to slow and just as Taeyeon thought that Tiffany wouldn’t answer she heard the hoarse voice sounding so sweet in the silent shop.

“Maybe.” Tiffany said smiling sadly, voice barely strong enough for the short girl to hear. Her eyes looking at everywhere but Taeyeon.

Taeyeon didn’t know what to think. Her mind was an absolute mess. A beautiful mess, created by Tiffany’s answer to her question. She almost regretted ever asking.

The brunette never met her eyes after that, so she left it at that. ‘It was too early anyway’.
She tried to convince herself, trying her best to ignore the cracking sound of her heart.


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Friendly- Part 2

“Yes I got the job… and no she did not ask me out on a date in that carㅡ…”

“Yet” added Sooyoung, a smugly air on her face.

Tiffany merely rolled her eyes and started running a finger on the border of her coca-vodka.

The two friends were at their favourite bar in Seoul, where they usually met with the gang, catching up since they hadn’t met in two weeks and a lot of things had happened for the both of them. It was late in the evening and the chattering and humming of early clients sharing a drink casually brought to the overall ambiance a light and cheery edge. It was too early to get drunk, and the atmosphere was cozy and light.

“I’m surprised you haven’t tried to make a move on her, yet.” Sooyoung looked at Tiffany.

Tiffany glanced back at her with eyebrows lifted. “And why’s that ?”

Sooyoung pursed her lips, a knowing smile spreading on her face.

“Well, I know for a fact that once you’ve set your eyes on someone you never let them get away.”

Tiffany shrugged.
“I never said that I planned to go after her.”
She kept a straight face as she took a sip from her drink.

“Well, no. But I already know by the look on your face that it’s what you plan to do. Plus you did respond to her flirting~ !” Said Sooyoung emptying her glass.

Tiffany merely smiled at her. Her best friend knew her too well for her own good.

“Well, I do like her. She is quite dorky and, well, unpredictable. Which I didn’t expect her to be at all !” Tiffany kept her gaze on the counter, smiling, her finger running circles on its surface. “But there’s nothing more than that.” She paused and took another sip from her glass.

“You know I prefer men anyway, even though I also… like flirting with women…” She ended hesitantly.

Sooyoung raised an eyebrow.

“By men, are you talking about Nichkhun ?” Said Sooyoung in confusion.”I thought you didn’t like him…”

“I don’t know, but frankly speaking his determination to get a date from me quite impresses me. ” She admitted, pensively.

“I feel like I would give him a chance, if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m not really looking for someone right now. I’m happy just being by myself nowadays.” she nodded slowly, still in thought.

“I think I need time to fully get my head free of those lingering feelings from my previous, catastrophic relationship.” She chuckled bitterly and turned her head towards her best friend. Tiffany’s last lover was a girl from the same model agency as her. The two had immediately bonded when they first met, and soon became girlfriends. They were known all throughout the agency, and the fact that they were both well known as model only gained them more fame. Until one day, Tiffany caught her cheating on her with one of the male photographs, a handome muscular browned haired, that everyone knew to be a player. Moreover, they had been caught red handed, right in the act at their workplace. The news spreaded in no time and by the next morning the whole agency knew about it. Tiffany had tried to ignore the gossips about her and her ex-girlfriend, but in the end she couldn’t stand it and decided to quit. Since that day, she never saw her ex again, stopped being a modelㅡ something she was used to do since she was a childㅡ and had promised herself never to fall for a girl anymore.

“What about you Soo ?” She took a sip from her drink.” What was this big news you were dying to tell me ?”

Sooyoung’s face suddenly lit up.
“Ooh, right, right !” She turned to look at Tiffany, suddenly excited. Her eyes sparkled even in the dimly lit room.

“I met someone. Here. Thursday night.”

“Oh. How is he ? Is he tall ? Sturdy ? Funny or nerdy…?”

“Oh, no, no honey… Not a ‘he’ but a ‘she’ !

Tiffany’s eyes went wide.

“Really ? Does she work here, which one is it ? She asked, referring to the waitress, head switching around to locate the crush.

“She’s does work here but not tonight. She only does Thursdays and Tuesdays’ night shifts.”


The brunette was dying of curiosity now. She wondered who could have stollen the heart of her best friend who was usually crushing on boys, and had always been straight ㅡ or so she thought.

The two friends chatted for a few more hours more and left the bar around nine.


Tucked in her bed, Tiffany replayed the eventful day in her head.

She remembered her interview, earlier in the day.

Taeyeon teased her a lot. Thinking back, the blonde looked like she was having so much fun throwing borderline unprofessional types of questions at her and watch her stutter while answering, cheeks flushed. Just thinking of how many times she embarrassed herself at this morning, Tiffany groaned in annoyance, cheeks taking a rosy hue.

After the interview, the blonde had regained a more serious attitude as she asked for her assisstant. A few minutes later, light knocks were heard from the door and a woman entered.

“Seolhyun ?”

“Yes, miss Kim ?”

“I would like you to show Tiffany around, if you’re not busy… And maybe show her to her desk ?”

“Of course miss, I’m not very busy at the moment anyway.”

“Great ! That way miss Hwang here will be able to arrange her space and get used to it before she starts working here on Monday… Ah, and please introduce her to Mr Khan, since they’ll work together.” She ordered in a quick pace while beckoning with her hand, the documents Seolhyun had brought with her.

“Right on it miss Kim !” Seolhyun replied, faking a military salute. To which the blonde grinned.


After an hour and a half walking in every corners of the huge company with Seolhyun, Tiffany had opted to stay at her desk for the afternoon, and head home later at five pm.

Since she was quite bored, at ten she took her laptop and handbag, heading to the cafeteria she had caught sight of this morning, across the street.

The Corner, wasn’t very crowded at this hour, much to her satisfaction. She found herself a table, next to the large window where the tables were lower and red solid beanbags were placed in place of wooden chairs. Isolated from the low chattering of other clients, she immediately started answering her mails.

A waiter soon approached her table and Tiffany ordered the cafe latte special. She once again, immersed into her work.

Around the same time, someone entered the cafe. A gentle voice was heard as the waiter took her order. He then, said something to the woman that made her laugh softly.

A movement in front of her, distracted Tiffany from her computer screen and sure enough, she saw a hand holding an Americano.

“May I sit here ?”

Glancing upward, her eyes landed on the now familiar blonde hair and  toothy grin.

She nodded twice. Taeyeon sat, and the two were soon plunged into a comfortable silence. Tiffany, now playing a game of cards. Taeyeon, not wanting to disturb the other girl, that she thought was working. Instead she absorbed herself in the scenery playing from the other side of the window. It had started showering lightly and a few minutes later, the rain was pouring down. As a consequence, umbrellas started to raise in a mourn sea of black canopy with dots of colors here and there.

Tiffany thought that it was weird in a way, how Taeyeon’s behaviour from this morning was so different compared to now. The Taeyeon from this morning was bold, whereas the Taeyeon she had in front of herㅡ.

“It started raining…” Observed the blonde, wittingly. She winced, as it occurred to her that she had spoken outloud. Her sight briefly landed on Tiffany, who had rose her head when Taeyeon spoke, before reporting her attention to the window once again.

Now that the glass silence had been shattered, she sighed and announced with a small smirk.


“I’m sorry for teasing you so much earlier.” Her eyes shifted to Tiffany, who was now turning her computer off.

“Oh, it’s nothing, don’t worry !” Reassured Tiffany, waving her hand in dismissal. Although she had caught a slight tone of mischief in Taeyeon’s voice, she decided to ignore it.

Awkward silence.

“So, what do you think of the company so far ?”Asked Taeyeon while taking a sip of her long shot Americano.

“I absolutely love it ! The coordination of all the workers is flawless, and everyone is very polite too. I especially liked seeing how the sunbaes are so helpful to their hoobaes and even the way you chose to design your facilities is quite smart and thoughtful, as expected of Mr. Kim, foundator of the famous fashion magazine Kode !” Taeyeon looked at Tiffany to see the latter with stars in her eyes and chuckled at that. A fangirling Tiffany was the cutest thing she had ever seen, even if she was fangirling about her father’s accumplishment. Sigh.

Taeyeon bad never been fond of fashion in the first place. Her father, was the second wealthiest man in South Korea, a publisher well known for his fashion magazine Kode. And her, Kim Taeyeon, was supposed to take over the company in a few years. While she had no interest in this kind of field, her father still made sure to teach her well and gave her everything she wanted, whether it was money, games, or cars as long as Taeyeon followed her duties as heiress of the Kim fashion empire.

She practically grew in those offices, and knew every single worker and places there, and the workers knew her well too. She knew the employees spoke evil of her, in her back. The heiress who had no interest in fashion whatsoever, frequented casinos and only stained her father’s reputation further.

In the corner of her eyes, she saw the brunette lean in to take a sip of her coffeeㅡ the first one since Taeyeon joined her at the tableㅡ and scrunch her nose at the cold and now blend, caffe latte. She smiled a little.

“By the way.” Tiffany spoke, leaning back in the comfortable red beanbag.


“I assume by now that you lied about you being CEO Kim, did you ?” Asked Tiffany, frowning, in wait.

Taeyeon smiled sheepishly.
“Hehe, well… Yeah. I’m not. To be honest I don’t even hold any position here, officially. I’m really just a substitute to my father in this company, but he taught me well enough so my judgement can be trusted.”

“Mmh.” Tiffany had her guess about the latter’s identity.”Should have known…”

“You only realised now ?” Taeyeon looked at the girl, eyes big.

Tiffany shrugged, nonchalent.
“I was really shocked back then, when I saw you and I was too nervous to really pay attention to anything.”

Taeyeon nodded in understanding.
“I see. Well, I hope I did not offend you in any way, by hiding it to you.”

“No, not at all. I’m actually quite relieved that it was you who interviewed me.” She admitted sheepish.

“Oh, why is that ?” Taeyeon was honestly curious to know. She had developped a quick interest for the girl with the gorgeous… No, dazzling eyesmile.


“I mean… it was less intimidating…”

Taeyeon’s eyes followed her hand as the brunette tucked a few curls behind her ear.

“…passed the first few minutes of surprise of course… It was maybe due to the fact that we had met before.”

Taeyeon smiled remembering their little chase this morning. Maybe Tiffany was the type of person she needed. The one who could keep up with her…

Her eyes caught sight with the hanging clock on the wall behind Tiffany.

Her break had been over for a good ten minutes now, and even though she had no meetings today, there was still a few things she had to do.

“Mmh. I see.” She gulped down the remaining coffee and stood up, grabing her coat, her movements followed closely by the questionning eyes of the other girl.

“Break is over. I have to get back to finish some work.” She explained quickly.

Truth be told, she had already finished her tasks for the day. Taeyeon just had to be there, in case her father called to check on her and see if she was indeed doing what he’d told her to do.

Taeyeon stood awkwardly next to the table.

“Well, I hope to see you again Tiffany-ssi. Enjoy your time off while it’s time, this job is pretty hectic. See you on Monday ? ”

“Yes, miss Kim !”

“Miss Kim ?” Taeyeon frowned a bit at that. “Aish, please call me Taeyeon, we’re not working, right ? Plus, we’re around the same age so it’s not necessary.”

“But we just met, let me at least call you Teyeon-ssi, for now !”

“Stubborn…” Grumbled Taeyeon. “Okay, Taeyeon-ssi it is then, and I will also call you Tiffany-ssi then !”

Tiffany smiled.

“Well, until next time Tiffany-ssi. I’m glad we could get to know each other better.” She said finally. She then waved a little and walked away.

Tiffany fished her phone out of her handbag, and opened Instagram, suddenly feeling like sharing a picture of her meeting with Taeyeon. She took a picture of the two cups of coffee in foreground while a part of the blurred streetview could also be seen in the background. The corner of her lips were still turned upright, in a little smile, when her finger landed on the icon, uploading the photo.

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Here’s a little thing I wrote for Valentine’s day ! I did it in one ‘stroke’ so to speak, so I apologize in advance for the typos ! OwO


Taeyeon glanced down at the brown haired, sitting in the wheelchair. A feeble breeze blew through the curls making tiny bits of light dance lightly upon the silky tresses.

It was a sunny day and Taeyeon had insisted on going on a walk around the neighbourhood. Part of this idea was to cheer Tiffany up. The girl had been moody ever since she came out of the hospital, after removing her casts. The doctor had advised her to keep using the wheelchair for the whole duration of her physical therapy, grimly forbidding her to come near a bike again for the time being.

Her pink motorbike.

Her most cherished possession, her pink baby that had been crushed in the accident. The same accident which had severely injured her legs and a few of her ribs.

Before Tiffany met Taeyeon, she spent all her free time around the engine, cleaning or polishing it, even when there was barely anything to clean. Of course, it was when she was not riding it around the houses or racing with her friends.

Taeyeon had been a ‘blessing’, in the words of her parents. They could finally breathe a little more, knowing that there would be someone to keep an eye on their troublesome daughter, and her dangerous hobby. Taeyeon chuckled a bit, remembering the day.

“What are you laughing alone for ?” Said Tiffany, looking up at Taeyeon, a frown and a small pout on her face.

“Are you that happy to be out there, burning under the sun ?”

The slight accusing tone in her voice made Taeyeon smile.

“I was thinking, isn’t it amazing how far we’ve come ?” Her gaze flicked towards the girl in the wheelchair. “Seems like yesterday, when we announced our relationship to your parents…”

Sudden laughs erupted from the younger girl.

“They were so grateful to you, when they finally understood that you were the one who had kept me away from those races !” She said, clapping her hands.

“I felt seriously honored, I had no idea about the extent of your addiction for this motorbike, until your friend Sunny explained it to me !”

“You have all the reasons to be, for real ! No one had ever succeeded in keeping me away from my pink baby for a day ! Let alone a whole month !”

Her voice quivered a bit, as she suddenly realised that her bike now layed somewhere, among the wrecks of thousands of other metal rubbish.

Taeyeon, sensing the shift in mood quickly changed the subject.

“Hey baby, what do you want for your birthday ?”

Tiffany kept silent for a moment. She had secretly wished for another bike, but she knew her parents would oppose to it. They almost lost their daughter in an accident after all, and however big the love for their only girl was, they would surely choose to see her lose a part of her life rather than herself.

“Mmh, I haven’t thought about it yet.” She lied.

Taeyeon hummed lightly, a knowing grin grazing her lips.

The rest of the walk was spent in an appreciative silence, with Tiffany lost in her thoughts and Taeyeon, keeping silent to let her some time to organize her thoughts.


Orange and pink hues colored the evening sky when they finally stopped in front of Tiffany’s house. Tiffany curiously observed Taeyeon as she left her wheelchair just in front of the garage.

“Wait here, baby.”

She skipped her way to the garage door and opened it slowly.

“Taeyeon, why don’t we just enter by the front doㅡ…”


Taeyeon observed Tiffany’s expression going from shock to gleeful, a large grin illuminated her face now hidden behind her palms, as tears pooled at her curvy eyes.

Her parents rushed to give her a hug Taeyeon’s arms replaced those of her parents when they pulled back, and she hugged her from behind, placing a soft kiss on her cheek.

“Happy early birthday Miyoungie !”

Tiffany chuckled and closed her eyes, hands joined together, relenting into the blissful moment. Her dad reappeared holding a cake and she blew the candles, not forgetting to make her wish.

“Hehe, now close your eyes Fany.”

Taeyeon took hold of the handles once again to lead her girlfriend to the back of the garage where a huge gift, wrapped in a glassy pink wrapper and blue ribbon awaited.

No way.

“No. Way. Is it what I think it is ?” Quipped Tiffany excitedly, as she oggled at the present.

“Mmh, I don’t know. You tell me what it is…”

“OHMYOHMYOHMY !” Tiffany’s loud voice resonated through the garage as the wrapper came undone, revealing a baby pink NINJA motorbike.


There was sparkles in her eyes as she inched forwards to hug the soft metal. She couldn’t wait to try it around on the field later.

“What about me.” Tiffany opened her eyes, facing a pouty Taeyeon. She smiled as she opened her arms large for her girlfriend, after shifting her wheelchair aside.

A huge dimpled smile appeared on Taeyeon’s face and she hurried over to sit carefully onto her girlfriend’s lap, returning the hug.

“Thank you Baby. I love you ~.” Said Tiffany, softly placing a kiss on the other girl’s head.

“You’re welcome, Love.”

They stayed that way for a long time, Taeyeon’s face burried into Tiffany’s neck, melting in her embrace and Tiffany’s hands brushing through her hair.

“You’re the best present I’ve ever received Tae !”

Tiffany could feel tears coming back again in full force, gathering behind her eyelids.

“Awww, my Miyoung is becoming cheesier !” Mumbled Taeyeon from the crook of her neck, sending small earthquake-like chills on Tiffany’s skin. A smile tugged on her lips.

No Tae. I’m simply stating facts, you are forever the best present I’ll ever possess.

Tiffany tightened her hold on Taeyeon, causing small giggles to be released from the other girl.

“I love you too, Fany !”

Tiffany’s new tattoo-rose (sorry it’s not a story update…) OwO

I know, I know… We can’t know a 100% the meaning of a tattoo unless we ask directly to the person that wears it but I still wanna share this interesting thing that I found, and hope that Tiffany actually did mean something with this one.

First thing I thought was that it reminded me of the rose symbol… You know, Jonghyun’s affair (may he rest in peace).

Then I actually remembered that a rose could have a lot of meanings, the most known being of course, beauty, romance, love… Wait, love ? And there my locksmith side took upon…

I started to browse the internet, searching for info about rose’s tattoos and bingo ! My locksmith heart rejoiced as I read :

an immortal love that withstands time and even death

And then I thought: just like soulmates ! My precious Taeny… ㅠㅠ



Don’t think about this seriously guys it’s just my delusional side writing now ! But… actually… we never know… maybe, just maybe…

And this meaning is seriously super cute… don’t you think ? 🙂

Hehe… Anyway, just wanted to share this with you ! 😉